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Higinio (“Neo”) Arellano


Higinio (“Neo”) Arellano obtained his Bachelor’s of Arts degree from UC Berkeley and his Juris Doctor degree from Sandra Day O’Connor Law School in Arizona. Both universities consistently perform in the top 10% nationally.

In Arizona while completing his second and third years in law school, Mr. Arellano practiced as a summer associate for a prominent Arizona law firm handling complex research and substantive motion matters in real estate, education law, constitutional law, and administrative law. 

Thereafter, Mr. Arellano relocated to the state of California where he clerked for a Superior Court Judge. In this capacity, Mr. Arellano began his early advanced legal writing career primarily in complex statute research, motion practice, and appellate practice writing.

In 2015, Mr. Arellano moved to Oregon, providing design and construction contract review, drafting, and negotiation for a prominent 250+ employee architecture and engineering firm in Portland. In 2016, from small professional services contracts to multi-million complex public works contracts, Mr. Arellano provided legal review, drafting, negotiations, and recommendations to architects, engineers, and other design professional clients in construction and real estate matters. Mr. Arellano was also instrumental in negotiating and navigating all insurance contract issues that presented on wide range of projects.

Since founding Arellano Law Firm PC in 2019, just months before the historical pandemic, Mr. Arellano has built a practice centered on fast client service, economical and competent representation across general practice areas, and a willingness to pursue trial and arbitrations at any appropriate opportunity for any of its clients. Mr. Arellano prides himself on always returning his client’s calls and ensuring the firm’s clients know every stage of their case.

An integral part of Mr. Arellano’s practice includes his extensive experience in personal injury cases, especially those involving catastrophic injuries. He has successfully represented clients suffering from brain and spinal injuries, loss of limbs, and wrongful death. These cases often involve complex litigation against semi-truck companies and other large entities responsible for significant harm. Mr. Arellano’s advanced experience in this area ensures that his clients receive the dedicated and thorough representation they need to navigate the challenges of their cases and secure the compensation they deserve.

Mr. Arellano practices in all areas described on our services page, with a special emphasis on bringing justice to those affected by severe personal injury incidents.

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