Civil Law

Serving the Portland metro area, including minority and Hispanic communities, our firm knows the ins-and-outs of the United States legal system.

Whether it is an agency like the Department of Employment, Department of Motor Vehicles, or federal and state circuit courts throughout the state of Oregon, civil lawyers at Arellano Law Firm will be there to help you unique case.

If you find your civil rights being challenged and need a defense to a lawsuit, civil litigation lawyers at Arellano Law Firm PC can handle the response and attempt to resolve the litigation before it becomes costly.

The litigation process can be scary and many claims must be filed in court within a certain period of time. This “period of time” is often referred to as the statute of limitations, which nearly every type of claim has its own unique limitation. As an example, most personal injury claims, but not all, must commence within two years from the date of the injury.

So what is a Commencement of action, or to be commenced, really mean? When a claim is filed as a complaint with the court having jurisdiction over the case, the lawsuit must then be properly served within a specific time frame. Our legal services include personal guidance through commencement of claims, civil complaints, service of summons, and more. We’re here to help defend your rights.

Our law firm can handle all of the following involving your civil dispute:

  • Preparation of Summons and Complaints if you are enforcing your legal rights.
  • Preparation of your response if you are defending against a complaint.
  • Motion practice to attempt to resolve the lawsuit prior to trial.
  • Drafting and reviewing discovery documents and investigations, such as depositions, request for documents, request for admissions, and others.
  • Trial representation at any State of Oregon state or federal court.

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