Business Law

Our business attorneys understand that starting your own business or navigating the legalities of a small business experiencing growing pains can be daunting.

Arellano Law Firm PC has decades of combined experience in business law, providing legal counsel on forming the business entity option that makes sense for you.

Whether it’s a Limited Liability Company (LLC), Corporation, Limited Partnership, or Sole Proprietorship, our goal is to provide you and your team reassurance and confidence knowing that your legal advisors have your best interests in mind. We understand that business law can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be – we’re there to help you succeed.

Our attorneys and paralegal staff can provide legal advice in day-to-day issues that may impact your operation, including your business contracts, reviewing or drafting demands, and more.

We have a strong understanding of legal principles at every stage of a business: formation, maintenance and operation, and even business dissolution. In the unlikely event that your business is forced into litigation, business attorneys at Arellano Law Firm can represent you and your business in court, hearings, depositions, and trials.

Other areas of business law our firm can assist in:

  • Providing legal counsel for selecting the correct business entity for your business.
  • Ongoing business contract reviews, drafting of contracts, ensuring the right provisions are included, and no legal statements are overlooked.
  • Sale of business consultation, asset purchase agreements, letters of intent to engage a business opportunity, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), lien recordings and filings, and more.

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