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Are you interested in purchasing property, a multifamily building, an investment property, or real estate for passive income opportunities? But are unsure of all your legal options?

Arellano Law Firm is suited to guide you in your real estate pursuits with your best interests in mind. If you already have a property and need to undergo a small- or large-scale renovation or other construction projects, our real estate and construction lawyers can help you too.

Whether you need legal advice on construction contracts, disputes on construction defects that need negotiation or resolution, or a complete litigation strategy, Arellano Law Firm can provide you with options to resolve your construction and real estate project needs.

Serving Hillsboro and the Portland Metro Area, We offer the following real estate legal services:

  • Construction contract administration and review
  • Payment application disputes and resolution
  • Contract drafts, reviews, modifications, and negotiations for professional services.
  • Professional services include, but are not limited to, architecture and landscape architecture; civil, structural, and traffic engineering; interior design; and land use planning.
  • Property purchase agreements, land-sale contracts, and drafting offer letters and sale agreements.

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