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Arellano Law Firm PC is a general practice litigation law firm with over two decades of combined legal experience amongst its attorneys. Our law firm can assist you from the beginning: reviewing your legal issues/documents, litigation counseling, contract and business negotiations, and even representing at trial.

Areas of law that our firm practices includes business, general civil practice, wills & trusts, immigration, accidents or personal injury, and construction & real estate law.

If we cannot assist you in your legal case, we can refer you to an attorney.

Business Law

Whether it’s a Limited Liability Company (LLC), Corporation, Limited Partnership, or Sole Proprietorship, our goal is to provide you and your team reassurance and confidence knowing that your legal advisors have your best interests in mind. We understand that business law can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be – we’re there to help you succeed.

Civil Law

Our firm knows the ins and outs of the United States legal system.
Whether it is an agency like the Department of Employment, the Department of Motor Vehicles, or federal and state circuit courts throughout the state of Oregon, civil lawyers at Arellano Law Firm will be there to help your unique case.

Construction & Real Estate

Arellano Law Firm is suited to guide you in your real estate pursuits with your best interests in mind. If you already have a property and need to undergo a small- or large-scale renovation or other construction projects, our real estate and construction lawyers can help you too.

Immigration Law

Our immigration lawyers and staff are bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish. Immigration law is under federal jurisdiction, meaning our immigration lawyers can handle immigration cases nationwide, in any state, and represent you in any immigration court or USCIS processing center.

Personal Injury & Accidents

Our personal injury attorneys will handle all communication in the language of your preference - English or Spanish - with insurance companies, resolve property damage and lost wage claims. Arellano Law Firm is here to help you seek any necessary treatment for your personal injuries.

Estate Planning

Assuring their well-being after you are gone can be one of the most important and comforting decisions of your life. Our estate planning attorneys at Arellano Law Firm PC will be there to help in the complex decision-making every step of the way.
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